Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry is increasingly under pressure to improve its performance in terms of manufacturing costs, cycle times, quality and operating efficiency – just to name a few. Globalization has created new demands for worldwide operations, which can be scaled up or down, or to suit market demands. ‘Engineered to Order’ is increasingly the norm, while on the other hand, costs are under heavy pressure.

Forward-thinking manufacturers are recognizing the need to interface manufacturing technologies with business layers to provide real time measurable data, and to increase interoperability between manufacturing, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in order to improve automotive products for global customers.

Micro-components injection moulded shot by shot with absolute repeatability. Complex mouldings featuring uncompromisingly tight dimensional tolerances. As part of system solutions covering all steps along the value chain. From design and material selection to your finished, qualified product.

Whether in customer-specific tooling or in contract moulding: We attach great importance to quality and precision at high flexibility and fast response. Our expertise ranges from commodity thermoplastic resins to high-temperature materials. From insert to multi-material moulding. From proprietary mould bases to series production moulds

The precision sheet metal components are manufactured from highly advanced pressing, casting and other machines. They find application in a large array of industries like automobile,railways, heavy engineering industries, construction industries, electrical industries, etc