Automotive industry is undergoing a rapid remarkable evolution. These days the pace of technology change is accelerating, particularly in response to changes in consumer taste & expectations. Automotive industry has been enjoying a period of relatively strong growth and profitability. From the ground level, three powerful forces are rolling the auto industry; shifts in consumer demand, expanded regulatory requirements for safety and fuel economy, and the increased availability of data and information OEM’s are adding to the number of models they offer and at the same time reducing the number of vehicle architectures on which they are built, drastically improving product commonality. The resulting complexity increases costs somewhat, but the additional expense is outweighed. The industry needs engineering and technical employees who can work to optimize solutions more broadly.


  • Desler with its core competencies & automotive domain specialists who fully understand the needs of the automotive industry & constantly working towards helping our clients, achieve their time, cost & quality objectives.
  • Desler works in collaboration with its clients across the product development life cycle. By constant innovation its processes are optimized to meet the scalability required for the growing demands of the industry.
  • Desler is constantly upgrading team skill-sets & creating resource of well trained engineers.